Helping dogs live a long and healthy life

Hey there, I’m Rini!

Every dog is unique and their health requirements differ from one to the other. Thus, they need individual attention to build a bespoke solution and feeding plan.

‘Let food be thy medicine’ – this saying holds true for pets as much as it does for humans. Medicine & Nutrition are equally important in the well being of a dog. Food can provide preventive care by offering essential building blocks for health. As a long time pet parent to multiple dogs, I have learnt, implemented and derived fruitful results through their diet. 

My aim is to support dog parents in regaining control over their dog’s health through simple, effective nutrition plan.

Nutrition consults  for :-

Chronic skin condition || Weight management

  • Gut issues
  • Renal & Hepatic condition
  • Urinary infection
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Bone & Joint disease
  •  Pancreatic support

          …..and more

Benefits of Home Prepared Fresh Food

The process of cooking at lower temperatures & at slower rates leads to an increase in nutrient retention.

No Mystery Ingredient

Human-grade meat and veggies in simple recipes, made for dogs

Besopke Meal Plans

Customised meal plans to suit your dog's unique needs

Better Dental Health

Oral hygiene is critical for dogs to support better health

Made Fresh

Healthy digestive tract to fight diseases & build immunity.

Healthy Skin

Proper nutrition provides glowing coat & itch free skin.

Reduces Cancer Risk

Feeding whole fresh foods can significantly reduce risk of cancer

Choose the right food for your pet

Don’t feed your pets fast food. Nurture them with fresh hand-crafted food from our hygienic kitchen for healthier, happier pets.

Treats, Fresh Meals and much more, all delivered at your doorstep with just one click.

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Our Indian street dogs are no less companions to us than any other breed. They deserve to co-exist in our environment. Rini, the founder of Doggit Nutri Zone has been an active community animal welfare worker for many years now. In fact, with every purchase you make here, you are also contributing to the welfare of community animals through feeding, essential treatments and annual vaccination drives.