Chicken & Veggies Biskies


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Ingredients : Chicken, oats flour, carrot, pumpkin, bottle gourd, herbs



Our chicken and veggies biskies are superhit among pets! They will keep wanting for more for sure. Handmade & baked fresh in the oven.

Description : From delicious, protein -rich deboned chicken, along with precise blend of vital nutrients from vegetables. Prepared with choicest of ingredients, these biskies can be used as training treats as well. They are baked to order and free from any kind of preservatives, devoid of artificial flavour and colours. Just the best for your canine companions.

Key Benefits :

  • Omega – 6 fatty acid, amino acid from chicken is essential, high-quality protein for healthy muscle development.
  • Pumpkin is rich in fiber, water, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C adding health benefits to your pet.
  • Low in calories, which helps ward off obesity and weight loss.
  • Boosts you dog’s immune system due to the rich amount of Vitamin A, C, E, and beta-carotene.

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Weight 200 g


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